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Of course, the specialty item par excellence may just be the olive: salty, spherical, and self-contained, perfect savored alone or shared with cured meats, fish, and cheeses. We like to call it the little (culinary) engine that could. In addition to all the usual suspects – Greek kalamata olives; Greek black, and green olives; Sicilian green and cracked olives; Moroccon dry olives, and more – we proudly feature a selection of JONS’ signature marinated olives, made fresh daily. Pair yours with a red wine, one of our handmade baguettes, and a fine assortment of deli meats and cheeses (meat and cheese platter, anyone?) – and the only problem you may have is getting your guests to say “goodnight.”

Aside from carrying all the national yogurt brands you love, JONS also carries a wide variety of international yogurt, yogurt drinks, and other delicious dairy sides. We offer all types of yogurt based products ranging from Mexican sour cream to Lebanese, Greek, Russian, and Indian style yogurt.

In the mood for a yogurt drink? We’ve got plenty of brands and flavors for you to choose from, whether you prefer it plain or mint flavored. Care to use yogurt as a dip or spread? We recommend labne as a delicious side dish—drizzle it with olive oil, then sprinkle on dried mint leaves, and enjoy it with toasted pita. Need yogurt to prepare a special dish? We carry all sorts of yogurt that can be used as an ingredient in your favorite soup or other entrees. Our yogurt varieties come in regular, low-fat, or non-fat. Whether you prefer to eat it with a spoon or use it as a dipping sauce or drink it straight out of the bottle, JONS has all of your dairy—and probiotic—needs!


Fine butter begins many a fine meal; choose from among our selection and you’ll be off to a fantastic start – whether you’re making apple pie or coq au vin. In addition to superior domestic brands such as Président Butter and Challenge Butter, we carry an assortment of international favorites from Czechoslovakia, Denmark, and England, as well as sumptuous flavored varieties like Irish butter with garlic and herbs and French chocolate butter (so extraordinary it may become your apple pie’s secret ingredient!).

Sides and Spreads

When you’re looking for an accompaniment of a different kind, try one of our gourmet sides. We carry an assortment of pickled “tourcho” vegetables, hummus, baba ghanoush, and other flavorful dips, as well as Russian and French style mustards and a flavorful garlic spread – the perfect dipping sauce for your rotisserie chicken or sandwich platters. For a one-of-a-kind specialty, indulge in our sumptuous pâtés, flavored with champagne, cognac, or truffles.

JONS hits the spot for delicious, convenient meals … just try our “Meal Deal” options! Opt for 24 oz. of our famous BBQ chicken, plus 1 lb. of Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, or Coleslaw (or two selections at ½ lb. each, if you prefer), plus 4 Kings Hawaiian Bread Rolls. Looking for a different flair? Try our International Meal Deal, with 24 oz. BBQ chicken, 10 oz. Sabra Hummus, 8 oz. International Pita Bread, and your choice of authentic 1-2 oz garlic spread. Sure to leave everyone at your table satisfied.