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Coffees and Teas
Most of us need a little help getting going in the morning, and we all start our days differently (whether with a hot cup of tea or a steaming latte) – so at JONS we’ve sampled hundreds of coffees and teas from around the world, before settling on an outstanding collection to call our own. In addition to our custom-blended roast (a JONS signature!), we offer coffees from Germany, Israel, and Poland, and teas from Armenia, China, England, India, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Sri Lanka, among others … now there’s something to jump out of bed for!

Mineral Waters and Sodas
As well as featuring Perrier from France, Gerolsteiner from Germany, Pellegrino from Italy, and a host of popular sparkling waters from Armenia, Georgia, and Russia, we are the exclusive distributor of Borsec mineral water from Romania. JONS is the only grocery store in the US to carry the brand. That’s sure to add some sparkle to your day! And, if you’re craving something sweeter, we proudly offer an array of specialty drinks that remind many of home. Favorites include “Gazoz” soda from Armenia and “Kvas” soda from Russia.

Juices and Nectars
With flavors that range from sour cherry and apricot to pomegranate and tomato, our nectars and juices are just the thing to drink alone. Of course, they also make the perfect addition to your favorite smoothie … or cocktail. Salut!
We’ve scoured the globe to stock our shelves, counters, and cases, tailoring each store’s selection to the wants and needs of its specific neighborhood. After all, different customers have different preferences, why shouldn’t different communities? No other grocery store in LA can boast this level of specificity; just click on the links above to learn more!