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Dips, Spreads, and Veggies
Pick up any of our packaged appetizers – marinated and roasted eggplant, roasted hot and cold red peppers, garlic soaked in oil and chili or in oil and herbs – and you may just never get to dinner. Our marinated okra, stuffed peppers, grape leaves, cabbage, and zucchini come ready made and pre-packaged (they could have fooled us!) – though, of course, we carry everything you need if you want to make your own fare, from hand-stuffed grape leaves (“dolmas”) to a tasty champagne mushroom sauce. Not least of all, we feature varieties of pâté from Croatia, Latvia, Morocco, Poland, and Russia. Put them all together and we’d say your platter’s just about complete.

Frozen Foods
For a perfect entertaining dish ready in a flash, turn to our frozen selection: you’ll find savory spinach and cheese boregs, blintzes, falafels, stuffed meat and potato pastries, and readymade dolmas. And since we’d never forget dessert (we’re guessing you wouldn’t either), we feature flaky dough and puff pastry to help you whip up any creation, as well as an assortment of domestic and international ice creams— “Dadu,” from Lithuania, is one of our favorites. And just in case your after dinner cake or coffee needs a kick, you’ll also find our fine selection of imported vodkas in our frozen section – exactly where they should be.

We’ve scoured the globe to stock our shelves, counters, and cases, tailoring each store’s selection to the wants and needs of its specific neighborhood. After all, different customers have different preferences, why shouldn’t different communities? No other grocery store in LA can boast this level of specificity; just click on the links above to learn more!