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Besides our delicious popular varieties and brands of breads (we have them all!), you’ll find an incredible international selection, with loaves from Germany, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine; Kosher and Challah varieties; Lebanese-style breads and – of course! – French-style baguettes. Try one of our Middle Eastern varieties, including lavash (in white, whole wheat, and sesame) and “tahin” bread. Either makes the perfect sandwich! Or indulge in our chocolate-chip and almond biscotti, finger bread, Italian toast, Mediterranean breadsticks, or French-style sourdough.

As you might expect, you can find an impressive range of Italy’s famed offerings on our shelves, from hearty ziti to delicate bucatini. We also feature enticing selections from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, and Romania, including white, wheat, and organic pastas, as well as egg noodles from around the world – so pasta night’s not just for spaghetti anymore.

Our unique assortment of rice, hailing from India, Italy, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, covers every conceivable type and variety: white and brown Basmati and Jasmine, Mediterranean and Spanish rice pilaf, Persian and Egyptian rice, and red rice, among others…each as delightfully distinct as the landscape it comes from.
We’ve scoured the globe to stock our shelves, counters, and cases, tailoring each store’s selection to the wants and needs of its specific neighborhood. After all, different customers have different preferences, why shouldn’t different communities? No other grocery store in LA can boast this level of specificity; just click on the links above to learn more!