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Dairy & Deli
International Grocery
Cookies (or “toasts,” or “biscuits”) are the perfect accompaniment to our international jams, preserves, coffees, and teas – no matter what you call them. Ours are specially imported from such diverse countries as Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, the Middle East, and Poland. Happy dunking!

Our elegant chocolates come in every variety, from regions near and far: Kinder chocolate straight from Poland, Lindt from England, as well as whole bars, gift boxes, and seasonal liqueur chocolates from Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Russia – always an impeccable (and, dare we say, irresistible) choice.

Pastries and Sweets
Many of our pastries are made in the European tradition – fine milled flours, pure cane sugar, and sweet butter. Out of their dazzling combinations (plus a few other key ingredients) come our chocolate roulettes, walnut puff pastries, French coconut cookies, raisin and chocolate cakes, and chocolate covered cream, also known as “bird’s milk.” In addition, we carry a decadent selection of international favorites, including baklava, halva (vanilla, chocolate, with pistachios, sugarless with pistachios…), “gata” (sweet bread), nazooks (European style honey cakes), and the famous Italian cake, “Panettone” (rumor has it we even have the Panettone king working in our corporate office). He’ll tell you it’s the perfect way to end a meal (or a craving). From all of us here at JONS, enjoy.
We’ve scoured the globe to stock our shelves, counters, and cases, tailoring each store’s selection to the wants and needs of its specific neighborhood. After all, different customers have different preferences, why shouldn’t different communities? No other grocery store in LA can boast this level of specificity; just click on the links above to learn more!