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From the moment of our city’s founding (on September 5, 1781, to be exact), people from across the globe have brought their unique customs, visions, and cultures to LA, creating one of the world’s truly international communities. Of course, for a truly international city, only a truly international store will do. So from the moment of its founding (on March 3, 1977, again to be exact), JONS International Marketplace has worked tirelessly to bring the world’s foods to LA’s famously worldly population – multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural.

Our International Grocery department is what we like to think of as one of the centers of that mission. From imported pastas and oils to international coffees and liquors (and everything in between!), JONS provides an exciting, eclectic range of items to be savored – and shared – by all. But the extent of our selection isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. Our stores’ integrative approach also distinguishes us: you’ll easily find our international products (jams and spreads, olives and cheeses, breads and meats, sweets and liqueurs) near our standard fare (Smucker’s, Kraft, Pepperidge Farms, Hershey’s…). So you can stock up on old favorites and try something new – all in one trip. Stop in and see for yourself – and shop the world over, far and near (it’s all right here)!
We’ve scoured the globe to stock our shelves, counters, and cases, tailoring each store’s selection to the wants and needs of its specific neighborhood. After all, different customers have different preferences, why shouldn’t different communities? No other grocery store in LA can boast this level of specificity; just click on the links above to learn more!